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About Us

We are a full-creative-service website design & development partner that works for you.

We operate as an ‘in-house’ team with outsourced costs.

What does “full-service-creative” mean?

One stop shop for creative (on top of web development).

In today’s business world, a company can expect to need a website and a steady stream of creative assets in order to thrive. 

Why split the providers when you can pay one flat monthly fee and have this all delivered for you? 

What does “‘in-house’ team with outsourced costs” mean?

Our retainer prices are less expensive than hiring internally.

If you were to hire a website UI/UX designer and website developer in-house under your company’s payroll, you’d be eyeing salaries $75k – $125k and up, insurance, computer software & other overhead, taxes, etc.—and time managing and integrating those employees.

Not here.

We make getting your business online simple, effective, and with a predictable monthly cost that is significantly less than hiring a full time employee (or two). 

Jonathan Bennett Headshot
Jonathan Bennett, BSD
Owner & Lead Designer

Being born right on the cusp of the technological shift of humanity — from no internet to internet everywhere — placed me in a unique spot; by growing up with the new language of technology & learning the common language of business, I’ve made it my mission to bridge the gap for companies trying to make it online. 

Aided by my studies of Industrial Design at Arizona State University, and my years as a product and brand designer for larger companies, I’ve learned what businesses need from their creatives, and I know what businesses need to deliver as an internet-raised consumer. And so I’ve built my business around exactly that. 

Micah Beverly, STCG
Chief Technology Officer

Having an endless curiosity for all things tech and science lends to Micah’s genius as the Chief Technology Officer for Bent Creative. When it comes to designing the requirements for website/business functionality, Micah is always two steps ahead of the competition. He finds himself constantly iterating, improving, and seeking out the most streamlined and effective methods for design and development, and then takes his learnings and applies them to our clients’ websites. He’s the reason why our sites are architected with speed, stability, and future-proof forethought.