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Managed Marketing Websites

Websites  +  Digital Marketing  =  Managed Marketing Websites.

Get Leads   |   Get Sales   |   Get Growing

Starting at  $ 1,250 per month 1,2,3,4

16 month minimum contract required   |   2 $1,250 one-time onboarding fee   |  3 Minimum $250/mo ad budget required

4$1,250 is our introductory rate, price is expected to increase on 1/1/2025. Secure your rate now.

Managed Marketing Websites get you leads.

And here’s how we do it. (Following your Free Consultation.)

A timeline with the shows the process from onboarding to incoming leads. The steps include building a website, integrating call & click tracking software, making and testing google and meta ads, and deliver and report insights. The image depicts the third and fourth step as repeating

One-Time Setup

The bulk of your website development is done at the start in a one-time project format.

Repeated Work

Ad content, blog content, and ad landing pages are ongoing and are reported monthly.

Why should I get a monthly Managed Marketing Website?

Return On Investment (ROI): Sales provide lifeblood for businesses. With our detailed tracking it will become very clear if our services net sales that exceed your investment cost in us.

Think of it this way: You are hiring a website developer, SEO expert, and marketing person on a monthly basis for as little as $1,250/mo. This is extraordinarily below the market value for hiring these positions individually.

Best Value: You get ongoing website development that includes business automation, marketing funnels, email campaigns, and more. We develop your website alongside you as you grow.

Experience: You get a 20+ year experienced team that has a proven formula for improving site traffic and local service business’ sales.

Investment: On top of it all, the website itself is a company asset, not liability, and can be sold as such if you exit your business.

Often times we can take over your current website and are happy to do so, however, starting from scratch will allow us a better opportunity to build our successful formula into your website from the ground up (as opposed to retroactively). 

We regularly see our fresh builds not only perform better, but look better too.

$1,250/mo is our base cost for a Managed Marketing Website. This includes the development of the website, and digital ads creation + management. (Your ad budget is NOT included in this figure.)

Our service price can increase due to these factors:

  • Your website’s functionality needs go beyond our standard build specs.
  • Your ad budget requires more content and testing.
  • You add-on email marketing.

The price is based upon several factors and can vary as your ad spend budget grows.

Our fees will not change in the 6 month required period but are may change afterwards.

Understanding the following is crucial for our success:

  • Your business model
  • Lifetime value (LTV) of your customers (Avg $ per patient or client/12mo)
  • Prospect-to-sale conversion rate (ex: For 10 calls you get 1 patient/client = 10% conversion rate)
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Revenue targets

If you do not have these figures we can help you discover them.

Custom Website: We don’t cookie cut websites. Over 20+ years of web development experience has led us to build a robust library of website parts that allow us to speed up the process of development, while maintaining flexibility to build something truly beautiful and unique.

Advanced SEO: Landing pages for your services and your areas of service help you rank for “near me” and “service xyz” search terms in your immediate market, while ongoing blog posts build passive trust for search engines, pushing them to deliver your website as a top result.

Blog: 2-4 posts per month pertaining to relevant or tangential topics around your services, service areas, and general tips/tricks. This helps rank your website highly in search engines results.

Email Integration: All website forms and other communications will be delivered right to your normal inbox.

Data Tracking: We make custom phone numbers and integrate Google Analytics so that we can attribute ad spend to different ad campaigns, helping us effectively understand what channels are performing well.

Pages: All standard pages (home, about, contact, our team, locations, services, pricing, privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc.)

Basic Automation: We build automated thank you emails, Google Review request emails, and more. These automations build SEO and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Most managed marketing website builds require 1 month from gathering the assets to launch.

The 6 month contract begins the month following the website set up.

We require 6 month minimum as it can take time for SEO to gain traction.

After 6 months you may renew your ongoing marketing website contract on a monthly basis, with a 30-day cancellation notice policy.

We have a termination fee calculated as the remaining unpaid balance of the website development fee, which is valued $4,500.00, prorated over the initial six (6) month term.

Once the 6 month term is complete, or upon completing the termination fee, your website is yours free and clear with no altered functionality, removed code, or locked areas.

Business Information Websites

Get a beautiful pixel-space for your business to communicate your services.


Great for businesses that need an online presence.
$ 2,500
  • - Custom Website (1-8 Pages)
  • - Google Business Profile
  • - Email Integration
  • - Contact Forms
  • - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Great for getting found on Google.
$ 4,500
  • - Custom Website (20 Page max)
  • - Google Business Profile
  • - Email Integration
  • - Contact Forms
  • - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • - Blog (3 Posts Included)
  • - Services Landing Pages
  • - Locations Landing Pages


For businesses ready to embrace automation.
$ 9,000+
  • - Custom Website (Unlimited Pages)
  • - Google Business Profile
  • - Email Integration
  • - Contact Forms
  • - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • - Blog (5 Posts Included)
  • - Services Landing Pages
  • - Locations Landing Pages
  • - Automated Functionality
  • - Google Review Collection

Please Note: We offer Hosting & Maintenance Services starting at $99/mo.

What's the difference in the 3 options?

Standard: This option is great for young businesses that need a website for their online presence. These are built with local SEO, connected to Google Business & Analytics, and contain forms with email integration. It’s everything your company needs to get found online.

Professional: This is our best-selling website outside of our Managed Marketing Websites. The reason for this is the advanced SEO tactics of building landing pages for your service and service areas or locations (even if you only have 1 location). These pages are commonly delivered when people in your area search for your services using the “near me” search term (ex: best plumber near me). These clients are primed to purchase services, and these landing pages drive leads directly into to your emails.

Advanced: Everything that the Professional level has to offer, with the addition of automation. Allow your clients to automatically book appointments; follow up on billing requests; request reviews to grow your Google profile; nurture leads with email campaigns once they sign up for an appointment; and more. Advanced websites are like a pseudo employee.

These are SEO rich pages that help your website rank highly for the area that you service (your town, city, state, and/or region) and your service type (e.g. plumbing).

They are designed to rank on Google, targeting the highly primed users that are using the coveted “near me” and service area search terms. [Ex: plumbers near me] or [plumbers in phoenix (az)]

These searches are from people ready to pay for services, and these pages intend to capture exactly that.

They contain relevant service information, forms to capture leads, and other information (such as reviews) that helps you appear legitimate as a service provider.

Most website builds require 1 month from gathering the assets to launch. 

During the design phase, in most cases, clients are allowed two (2) revisions. In some cases we have gone to three (3). We have never needed to go beyond this with any client (🤞).

We offer hosting & maintenance for any website that we build. If you purchase a one-time website from us (not a monthly plan) we have plans starting at $99/mo for hosting, maintenance, and email support for website updates like images, text, team members, etc.

For Marketing Website plans, hosting & maintenance is included, as well as phone and video meeting support.

Yes! Once the final invoice is cleared, we are happy to move your website to a hosting provider of your choice.

Great question! Sometimes it make sense to start with just a website.

If you wish to use us for digital marketing services and you purchased a website from us in the past, we will gladly get you going and waive the setup/onboarding fee.

There will still be a brief onboarding as we will need to collect more details about your business, and integrate your website with tracking software, as well as get your phone and email systems integrated.

Once the final invoice is paid your website is yours free and clear with no altered functionality, removed code, or locked areas.


What can be automated?

Automate repetitive tasks, basic customer service practices, and more. Turn your website into an information center, marketing tool, and task manager.

Words From Our Clients

Ginger Price, DDS owner of Dr. Ginger's Oral Care Products
Ginger Price, DDS
Owner, Operator | Dr. Ginger’s Healthcare Products

My company has been extremely satisfied with Jon Bennett’s services over the past 5 years. Not only is he very creative when it comes to logo design, packaging design as well as web development, but in addition his communication and follow through are superb. He will persist on a particular design/packaging solution until it’s perfect. In addition, he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of ecommerce. You can’t go wrong with Bent Creative!

Julianne Culey as Arizona State University's Reynolds Center for Business Journalism
Julianne Culey
Assistant Director | The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism at ASU

I initially hired Jon and Bent Creative to help me completely overhaul a broken and outdated website, which was a huge task that he handled effortlessly. After the initial launch of the new site, I have continued to work with them monthly to help manage the site while also continuously adding new features and functionality to the front and back end of the website. What I enjoy most about working with Jon is that he does more than simply bring my ideas and vision to life, he is able to elevate that vision to heights I couldn’t have imagined on my own. Bent Creative is truly the meeting I look forward to the most on my calendar and I could not think of a better website developer to work with than Jon.

Josh J. Smith, PsyD, NCSP

Practice Manager | AZ Speech & Pychological Institute

After working with Jon Bennett owner and creator at on multiple projects building my websites, I highly recommend his services. He possesses the innate ability to listen and incorporate my vision as an owner to grow and advertise my businesses. He is punctual and professional in his delivery to get my troubleshooting issues done and answer all my concerns related to my websites. Jon’s creation of my professional websites allows me to reach more families and provide exceptional services.

Alanna Pugh, Owner of The Dyslexic Group
Alanna T. Pugh, MS
Owner, Operator | The Dyslexic Group

Jon has been critical to the success of The Dyslexic Group. As new small business owners just starting out, he helped us with our initial website which was important as we did not really know where to begin. Jon guided us through the process with patience and understanding answering all of our questions so that we could get the best result. He helped us get a web design that truly suited our needs. Following that initial design, Jon has continued to support us by providing key changes and aspects to help us grow our business, including marketing and web design. He is an integral part of our business and we couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Jared Van Moorlehem CFP, AIF
Jared Van Moorlehem CFP, AIF
President | Plan Sponsor Solutions

I am thrilled with the outstanding work that Bent Creative delivered. The attention to detail for my logo, and the collaborative process on the website exceeded my expectations—turning my vision into a reality. I am genuinely grateful for the talent and dedication demonstrated by Jonathan.

A website timeline that follows in this order: free website consultation, info collection, asset collection, branding, website development, hosting & maintenance, support & updates, SEO & digital marketing, and asset generation, steady influx of customers

Dental Office Project Timeline

The project timeline for Dental Offices details the general flow for most of our projects. It is broken into two phases. Phase 1, which is a one-time project that culminates in the build of your new website; and Phase 2, which is ongoing work necessary to grow and maintain a website.

Free Consultation to an Influx of Customers:

Starting with a free consultation, where we analyze your current site for strengths and weaknesses, all the way to generating assets to keep you in front of new customers, we do it all. 

Phase 1 | One-Time Project

In Phase 1 we discover the critical information that will set us up for building a successful website.

  • Mission Statement (if desired)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Your Locations
  • Your Services
  • Website Technical Needs
  • Creative Assets (logos, images, colors, etc.)
  • Website Development

Phase 2 | Ongoing Works

In Phase 2 we upkeep and grow your website.

  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Support & Updates
  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Creative Asset Generation

One-Stop Solution

From your website & branding, to your marketing & print work—Get it all done here.

Business Tools We Use

We have 20+ years of experience years as website developers.

  • Proper Sitemaps
  • Blog Building
  • Google Integration
  • Google Ads
  • Business Profile
  • Reviews
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pixel Tracking

From business cards to billboards—we create all manner of print media.

Email strategy, content, and delivery.

Monthly reports on traffic, insights, & trends.

As with everything we do, Just Call Jon to get things done. It’s that easy.

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A high quality website is one of the best investments over the course of a business’ lifetime. Don’t wait.

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