Our Philosophy

Bent Creative is a creative firm specializing in websites for small businesses. With over a decade of web experience on our team, we have the skills, knowledge, and foresight to build your company a cutting-edge website that will carry you into the future. And while websites are our main crop, we will gladly translate any content we’ve developed into advertising campaigns, print work, and more. If it has to do with digital design, we can do it.

Our Services

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Website Development

Top notch website design and development for businesses ready to take their online presence to the next level. There are two main website services available through Bent Creative: Fully Custom, and Standard.

Hosting, Security, and Maintenance

Hosting & Maintenance

Once your website is created, it needs to live somewhere. We offer hosting and maintenance packages to house the site, and keep it running. 


Media Works

For clients with a Bent Creative website we will gladly provide you with print work based on the content we developed for your website.

Costs Involved with Websites

Website Design and Functionality

Design & Development

This is the main upfront cost. This is also the main workhorse of your online presence. A great website will likely be the best investment you can make for your company in the 21st century.

Approx. Cost: ~$3,500 and up (A one time investment)

Hosting, Security, and Maintenance

Hosting & Maintenance

This is the monthly cost (often billed annually) of maintaining the server space and upkeep of the site. Much like the rent of and upkeep of your office space, this is necessary for your site.

Approx. Cost: $300 – $1,000 annually

Continued Website Development

Continued Development

As your company grows, so should your website. More products/services, more location pages, more everything; much like expanding your office space, you will likely expand your website.

Approx. Cost: Project-based cost, dependent on the project scope. From ~$200 – to thousands.

Partnership With Bent Creative

We want to grow, and we want you to grow. It’s that simple.

Bent Creative is more than just a website building firm and we believe that there is more to business than just building a website. We work hard to understand the nature of your business so that we can fully grasp your market, your business direction, and your goals. At Bent, we stride to come alongside your company as a partner; to help prop you up and build your successful future by building and managing your online presence. When we create a website that converts more business success for you, we build our own successful future, too. A partnership should be a win for both companies. 

Why is good design important?

According to Stanford, a lot of people judge a company by the way their website looks.

Percentage of people that judge a company’s
credibility based off of its website design.
75% According to Stanford in 2002, 92% is our estimate for today

You may have visited a website before and thought, “This is a one-way ticket to having all of my information stolen.” If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re far from alone. People visiting websites will make a judgment call within 0.2 seconds of landing on the site, and according to Stanford (back in 2002), 75% of people admitted they judged a website poorly based on the way it looked immediately upon landing. Fast forward to today, and that percentage is even higher. Good design translates to consumer trust, and consumer trust in your company (goes without saying) is essential to your overall success.

Design vs. Development

What’s the difference?

Continued Website Development


Imagery, fonts, user experience, brand consistency, attention to detail, emotional appeal; these are all in the realm of design. 

In the case of websites: The objective of design is to understand the big picture (of your website goals), and how to work backwards from that big picture to create a seamless user experience that formats everything from the layout (flow) of information, to the exact amount of pixels in an image. Designers are responsible for the overall success of the delivery of information to the consumer.

Website Functionality and Design


Overall functionality, coding, markup languages, styling languages, site stability; these are all in the realm of development.

In the case of websites: The objective of developers is to deliver the interactivity of the website to the end user (business and consumers). Buttons, links, elements that move, load/upload, and so on; these all require tedious scripting and testing. The developer’s goal is a stable, easily upkeep-able website, formatted logically for further building.

So are Bent Creative designers or developers?

To answer plainly, Bent Creative is both. We are a full service website firm delivering beautiful, functional websites. While we focus more on design, flexing our brains on applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, we are also capable of tweaking and building necessary functionality through coding languages such as javascript, or markup languages such as HTML. We use WordPress as the CMS or “content management system,” which is an incredibly stable and secure platform, while we focus our efforts on designing the best possible website for your needs. 

Why Bent Creative?

A quick breakdown of our goals with every client and website.

Great Customer Service

You call, we answer. You email, we respond.* It’s that simple.

*Within reasonable business hours, we need sleep and free time, too! 

Website Metrics

Improved Metrics

How many people are using your site? How fast is your site running? Does the traffic stay or does it “bounce” away? And so on. We strive to improve all of these metrics on your site. 


High SEO Ranking

SEO is a competition to get search engines to rank your website higher than your competitors’. We LOVE this competition, and we’re good at it too.

Read more about it below.


By Definition

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process in which web developers craft the information housed on the website in a manner that builds trust and authority of the subject matter, so that the content “ranks” well on search engines. In layman’s terms: SEO is a process in which we build your website’s content so search engines (like Google) put you on the first page.

How is this done?

Search engines today are incredibly well designed. They measure a myriad of metrics including: site speed, keywords, information structure, inbound/outbound links, user activity, how often content is uploaded, and more. By creating optimized content, strategic links, sitemaps, locations, hours, and various other items, we can increase the likelihood of landing your website on the front page of Google. 

Why is this important?

As the popular saying in web development goes: “The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google search results.” This is because almost 90% of users stays on the first page of search engine results. Ranking your site is vital for its success. This process takes time, but having a professional craft proper SEO for your site might be the best business decision you can make for your online business.

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