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Digital Marketing Agency Growth Partner

Scale your Digital Marketing Agency.

(and your recurring revenue.)

We’re your new partner for website development, ongoing maintenance, customer support, and more.

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Quick Turnaround

Our infrastructure allows us to produce websites incredibly fast.

Quick Updates

  • Plugins updates
  • Business info changes
  • & more

White Label Work

Put your logo on our builds, support tickets, and everything else.

Quality Control

As a development-first company we have strict quality control.

Your Tech Stack

With 20+ years of WP experience, we can build to your specs.

Expand Your Services

Sell our expertise to your clients and take a cut.

B2B Pricing

Our prices won’t outstrip your profits.

Just Call Jon

USA based international company: Call Jon during work hours, wake up to completed work.

Client Lifecycle Timeline

The client lifecycle timeline is the general flow for most service based businesses working with Digital Marketers, from onboarding to the coveted recurring digital marketing revenue.

What can Bent Creative deliver for you?

You can enter or exit this stream at at point.

Example 1 (Standard Agency):

  • First Steps: Your Agency
  • Initial Development: Bent Creative
  • Technical Ongoing: Bent Creative
  • Marketing Ongoing: Your Agency

In this example, we act as the technical partner while you deal with the client and collect the ongoing marketing revenue.


Example 2 (Sales Only):

  • First Steps: Bent Creative
  • Initial Development: Bent Creative
  • Technical Ongoing: Bent Creative
  • Marketing Ongoing: Bent Creative

In this example, you funnel clients to us and take a sales cut. We do everything else.


As WordPress designers/developers/digital marketers, we’re well versed in this process ourselves, because we do it ourselves. We can join your agency at any point in the process.

Answers to Common Questions

You may have never seen a business model like ours. We certainly didn’t.

How did Bent Creative start?

Bent Creative started as a design & development firm only. We only offered digital marketing services after having clients ask. This is why we consider ourselves a development first company.

If you can do Digital Marketing...why would you partner with us?

Here’s the thing: there are a plethora of Digital Marketers out there that are hyper niche focused, absolutely crushing it. There are also a plethora of websites to be built, and we simply can’t sell them all.

We aren’t trying to run up the ad spend for both of our companies fighting for the same business. We want to supplement your services so you can increase your costs, improve your customer support & satisfaction, and find bigger clients, too. 

It’s a win-win.

The timeline above doesn't quite fit my model. Can we work together?

Schedule a meeting with Jon and let’s find out.

What is your turnaround time on a website?

Templated Sites: 2-5 business days after asset collection.

Custom Sites: ~20 business days days after initial asset collection (assets are often generated as a part of this package).

Large Sites: ~40 business days.

What customer support do you offer?

Ticketing: A basic Helpdesk ticketing system. We set up an email address “” that your clients may email update requests such as image updates, new employee bios, operating info and hour changes, etc. 

AI: AI chatbot that lives on the website frontend that is trained to answer common questions about the business.

Human & AI: A combination of the above two.

How can you offer websites quickly, inexpensively, and with customer support?

We solved the Upwork and Fiverr problem a long time ago. As a growing design & development firm we needed to supplement our talent and so naturally we we looked to these resources. The problem we found was in a lack of reliability, communication, and quality control.

So we did the leg work, found and hired a team of international developers, and have been going strong since. Our USA and international teams are employed by Bent Creative, are both developer-led, and therefore have stringent quality-controls in place, tons of custom templates, and more.

Our team can expand and contract at the drop of a hat, inexpensively and quickly. We can answer business calls during USA work days, and develop “overnight” resulting in 24 hour turn arounds in many cases. It’s our strongest USP for our B2B offerings.

Are these services White Labeled?


What if we just want an updated template?

Not a problem at all. We offer UI/UX services.

What do your services cost?

We negotiate based on the services needed. In most cases, these costs are pass-through costs to your clients.

If you want ballpark, check out Our Services.

Please note: Our service prices are for B2C, and are more flexible in a B2B format considering needs, volume, and ongoing agreements.

What technologies do you use?

We use Elementor, Oxygen, and other builders. We use advanced custom fields. We use all of the common marketer tools and tricks, and can adapt to yours, too.

Do you require hosting the websites?

When it comes to your clients you can host the websites if you’d like, or we’ll happily set up a server specifically for you.

We won’t ever mingle our client sites and yours on the same server.