Websites + Creative Agency

How We Work

From onboarding & day to day works, to the final hand-offs.

From start to finish, we strive to be transparent in our operations.

Step 1

Phone/Video Call

It’s important to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Let’s hop on a call (about 30-60 minutes) to make sure we have the capacity you need for your projects, and that you’re able to work with our systems. 

Step 2


We’ll set you up with Google Spaces or with Slack for communications and get you familiar with scheduling work. This is where we will do the bulk of our exchanges. Of course, you can just call Jon, too.

Step 2.1

Schedule Start

We’ll assess your project needs, and get you scheduled with a start date (usually within a couple of days). We’ll give you our best estimate on a completion date for your project.

Step 3

Scheduling Work

Depending on our working agreement we’ll have 1-3 projects going on at the same time; sometimes those take 24 hours (ex: business cards), sometimes they take a couple of weeks (ex: websites).

Upon submission of the projects we go through an optional revision phase, which can extend the project if needed.

Once the project has been accepted as complete (and delivered), we have a 24 hour resetting period before hopping on the next project.

You can queue as many projects as you’d like at once, just know we need a day to manage all the files, working orders, and rest the fingers. 

Step 4

Parting Ways

Sometimes companies grow beyond what we can handle, or get acquired by another company. Sometimes companies close doors. 

Whatever the case, we will deliver all of your assets that we developed to a Google Drive folder. You will have 1 year to download the files before they are removed. 

In most retainer cases, we require a 30 day notice before termination of contract. This operates in both directions.