Our Team

Meet the people behind the powerful, beautiful websites produced at Bent Creative.

Jon Bennett - Owner and Principal Designer @ Bent Creative

Jon Bennett

Owner | Founder | Principal Designer

“Should I use a professional headshot?”


But in all fairness, I can’t think of many things that tell my story better than a picture of me camping, eating, and showing friends my websites. There’s a reason that the theme of Bent Creative revolves around nature; it’s my inspiration, my escape, my place of challenge and my place of peace. To be able to weave inspiration from nature into the things I build, is to marry two of my favorite things. 

Micah Beverly - Client Acquisition, Quality Assurance

Micah Beverly

Client Acquisition | Quality Assurance

Micah has over a decade of experience working with clients and managing websites. He brings a level of expertise found only in professional design firms.

Levi Whitehead - Designer

Levi Whitehead

Expert Designer

Levi is a ridiculously talented designer who deals in hand drawn, organic design. He brings a one-of-a-kind aesthetic to everything he touches.