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Digital Marketer Scaling

Through a well-built technical infrastructure, we’re able to build and manage websites at scale.
Basic Templated Sites
Templated or Custom Sites
Fully Custom Sites
Break the design & development bottleneck, and scale.
Focus your business on sales, we’ll handle the rest of it.

Service Description | Digital Marketing Scaling

As a Digital Marketer, you need a powerful partner that elevates the possibilities of your business. Bent Creative offers you exactly that: websites and maintenance at scale.

Typically, Digital Marketers experience the bottleneck at the onboarding phase. That’s exactly the problem we solve.

At Bent Creative, we handle development for all types of Digital Marketer models: High-churn low-cost easy templated sites; standard practice local business sites with services & locations landing pages; and high-end designer marketers that focus on big fish.

And of course, should your clients want to spend more on design, we offer that too.


Why can Bent Creative help us scale, exactly?

We’ve been working with Digital Marketers for a few years now, and we’ve come to realize that consistent, quality website development is always the bottleneck. So we decided to fix that.

Bent Creative fully employs an international team of developers that allows us to leverage great skills at low cost.

We’ve solved the issue of churning developers on Upwork or Fiverr by building and employing a high quality team ourselves.

Beyond that, our company infrastructure is built in a way that focuses on making and managing websites at scale, with consistent quality, fast turn around, and dedicated support.

We offer every level from design, from basic templates to fully custom websites—and leveraging our infrastructure, we can make them inexpensively and quickly too.


Okay, how does this fit my specific business model?

We have an easy enter-and-exit model where you can enter and exit the development stream at any point to fit your needs.

We can onboard clients for you, collect assets, apply branding, design UI/UX, develop, host, and maintain.

Furthermore, we offer PPC and Meta ads management, cold email outreach, and creative media production.

So really, we can fit any model from you operating strictly as a sales person and we do everything else, to simply providing one single service that your company is missing.


So if you can develop websites, why don’t you just do the digital marketing, too?

We do.

But here’s the thing: there are a plethora of Digital Marketers out there that are hyper niche focused, absolutely crushing it. We aren’t trying to run up the ad spend for both of our companies fighting for the same business. We are simply assisting them in scaling their operation so they can be more sales focused, at no extra cost to them.

You keep your recurring revenue from the month-to-month ads management, we want to build and manage the websites you don’t have time for.


What softwares do you use?

We use Elementor, Oxygen, and other builders. We use advanced custom fields. We use all of the common marketer tools and tricks, and can adapt to yours, too.


Do you host the websites?

We host the websites we build for our local business clients, yes.

And when it comes to your clients, we’ll happily set up a server specifically for you.


How fast can you build a website?

2-5 days once we have the assets.

Websites with custom design for higher end clients can take up to 1 month.

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