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Email Marketing

We build automated email sequences that trigger from certain events. We launch mass emails to your customers.
Per-Project Pricing
Starting at $300/mo
Per-Project Pricing
Increase business with repeat customers and use funnels to target new customers with this critical piece of digital marketing.

Service Description | Email Marketing

As a business manager or brand owner, you need a powerful tool that elevates the possibilities of your business. We offer you exactly that: email marketing that communicates your company clearly and properly so that you can sell, or connect, or whatever else your business may need that supports you in your growth.


Automated Emails

Automated email sequences are a fantastic investment for any company for both the dollar return from marketing, and the time freed from monotonous tasks. Some uses of Automated Emailing include:
  • Requesting Google reviews
  • Billing
  • Gathering important information
  • “Welcome to the brand” sequences after email collection
  • “Learn About Our Services” campaigns after email collection
  • Requesting user-generated-content (UGC) for social media


Marketing Emails

Email marketing blasts still prove to be one of the leader revenue generators for online (digital) marketing. Our monthly service allows you to send anywhere from 1 blast per month, to several. Some uses of Email Marketing include:
  • Holiday sales
  • Service updates
  • Seasonal reminders
  • Business information updates
  • Social Media giveaways


Automated & Marketing Emails

Get a robust, low cost email marketing system managed by Bent Creative. We will develop your automated emails, sync them with your email marketing blasts, monitor delivery, and report back to you.


Can email marketing and automations be synced with Google Ads?


In fact sticking with one provider for these services will provide a much better experience for both you and your service provider (not to mention your customers!).

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