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Just Call Jonathan

“Technology has made our lives easier,” sure—until you encounter that one small hiccup that drives you crazy. Don’t deal with it anymore, just call Jon(athan).

Contact me 24/7 | 365
Work days 10am-3pm PST
Contact me 24/7 | 365

In a world of email support, AI bots, and “Sorry, we’re currently experiencing a high call volume,” connecting to an actual human to talk business is rare. Not here. Just Call Jon.

What do you mean, just call you?

If you have a project-related question, need quick consulting, or have something you want built, let’s talk it out.

Not long ago business was done exclusively in person, on the phone, and via mail. With the advent of computer technology (which is supposed to make our lives easier) we’ve managed to make little tasks excruciatingly annoying.

Well, here’s what bentcreative can offer you: Jonathan (and his network) are well acquainted with the technical and graphical pieces of today’s business world, and we’ve worked ourselves into a position of both consulting and building said pieces—but not at the cost of customer service.

At bentcreative we enjoy the art of working together and we won’t:

  • squirrel you into a waiting queue.
  • have an AI bot loop you endlessly around any real answers.
  • ghost you for two weeks leaving your projects dead in the water.


We will:

  • answer technical questions about the parts of your business we build/manage.
  • share (hypothetical) strategies to build your business.
  • extend our best knowledge to your question(s).
  • consult, free of charge (in most cases).

Well, what if a bunch of people just call you?

I will still answer.

Part of the art of customer service is called human decency. Which means that when you call, you will either be answered, or called back ASAP, and your needs will be acknowledged. We may not be able to solve your problem immediately, but you won’t be left in the cold wondering if we’ll ever get around to you.

Does this mean anyone can just call you?

Yes and no. I will prioritize current clients.

At bentcreative our main goal is to build strategic partnerships that work for both parties involved. We enjoy handling 5-10 retainer clients monthly, and a few more project-based clients at a time and will deliver great customer service to the amount of clients we are comfortable handling.

If we overextend ourselves and cannot deliver our high-quality customer service, we will be doing ourselves and our clients a disservice. With this in mind, we extend that high-standard of customer service to those whom with we are actively engaged, and balance our client workloads accordingly.

Past clients, non-committal clients, etc. will be answered as business allows, but rest-assured that our active clients will receive full awareness and attention.

Does this mean I can just call you in the middle of the night?

Certainly. Though I will likely not answer.

The bentcreative network is not made up of robots or AI. It is made up of real human beings, myself included.

I sleep just like everyone else, I have needs and a personal life just like everyone else. I will answer you during business hours out of respect for myself and for setting consistent expectations for clients.

Plenty of work gets done in a work day. If you have 24/7 demands and cannot acquiesce your business needs to a regular schedule and the human condition, we are not destined to work together.

A regular schedule allows me to come into work each day at my best. 

Do I still have to just call you to get things done?

No, we can work via text messages, emails, and workspace channels.

If we’re working together on a regular basis, we will be connected via Slack or Google Spaces. We are fully capable of managing work via text channels.

That said, complex projects are sometimes so much easier to handle via talking versus texting. But still, should you be phone-adverse, we can work together just fine.

What else should I know about this just call you customer service?

This is a human-first business, and we care about our clients.

At bentcreative, we believe that business supports your personal life, not the other way around. I love learning about your passions, your spiritual journey, the new office space in your house, your spouse, and your child(ren). They’re why we do business in the first place. Some working relationships blossom into friendships and I enjoy that very much. 

The above being said: the nature of the connections are because of our desires to do business together, so I will always begin (and steer) the conversations in that direction. Should you want to meet for lunch and have a proper chat-about, I would be honored; but please let’s get work done during work hours.

Is it Jon or Jonathan?

Whichever you prefer. But there is no ‘h’ in there, FYI.

There are quite a few Johns in the world and sometimes delineating your website guy as Jonathan makes your conversational efforts easier. Sometimes the 3 syllables in Jonathan feels like too much effort when Jon will do.

Truly. I have friends and family call me by both names, and I respond to both. You can only get it wrong if you type out “John”. But even then I can make use of context clues to gather who you’re talking about.