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Bent Creative Retainer Service: Unlimited Graphic Design


Tailored Graphic Design Retainer

Your all-in-one flyer, packaging design, or presentation solution. The best way to grow, beautifully.
Month-to-Month & Annual
Starting at $2,499/mo
Get beautiful graphics that will wow your customers. Get great customer service (that you deserve) to support you.

Retainer Service Description | Tailored Graphic Design

Get a level of professional graphic that comes almost exclusively from hiring and maintaining an in-house design team, but without the crushing costs associated with paying, insuring, and the overhead of one.

The Tailored Graphic Design plan is your ticket to beautiful graphics, print works, and just about any other visual medium that you can dream up for your business. Our typical turn around for a typical graphic project is only a couple of days, and about a week for larger documents (handbooks, product manuals, etc.).

As a business manager or brand owner, you need a powerful plan that elevates the possibilities of your business, and you need a team behind it. We offer you exactly that: an all-in-one graphic design service that communicates your company’s products or services clearly and properly, so that you can sell, or connect, or do whatever else your business may need that supports you in your growth.

And of course, should you want to make a bigger splash, we offer full branding, website design & development, and more as one-off or retainer services.


The Tailored Graphic Design plan includes the following:

  • Logos
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Stationary
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Web Graphics
  • Packaging Designs
  • Banner ads
  • Infographics & Data
  • Emails
  • Presentations
  • Sell Sheets
  • T-Shirts
  • Invites
  • Stickers & Labels
  • and so much more


What is NOT included in an Tailored Graphic Design retainer?

  • Custom Photography (though we can manage a photographer if you cover the cost)
  • UI/UX Design (we offer this as a per project basis at this time)
  • Sourcing packaging (we are happy to connect with your suppliers, but if you want us to source suppliers we will need to discuss solutions)
  • Tailored Copywriting (this is an entire extra service we offer)
  • Tailored Website Development (this is an entire extra service we offer)


What are some common ways other businesses use your Tailored Graphic Design retainer?

  • Growing clients use it to knock out loads of graphics & print work in a month or two
  • eCommerce brands use us to periodically redesign all of their packaging
  • REALTORS® use us for mailers, monthly magazine advertisements, handbooks, and more
  • Non-Profits use us for email/newsletter graphics, infographics, poster ads, billboard ads, and more


Why does it say “Base Price” on your pricing?

Businesses can grow and need more support.

Referencing the above options that are possible, it is quite realistic that your business needs can grow beyond that “base price” point. What we mean is that if we need to add additional designers to increase your project load from 2 concurrent projects to a higher amount, we will need to price accordingly.

We promise you this is a good problem to have. If your business gets to the size that we need to increase the retainer price, you will already be seeing handsome returns from the work we do which should allot for that increase in budget.

You will be made aware ahead of time if the price needs to be addressed.


Process | Tailored Graphic Design

The initial setup:
Schedule meeting –> Identify needs –> Find sample items –> Execute design & development –> Revise –> Deliver

First Interaction: You schedule a meeting (with Jonathan) where we will discuss your business, its needs, a timeline to achieve them, and the forecast beyond that.

Second, we follow along the timeline, typically delivering the first project within a few days.

Third, we launch into the loop into the identify needs, design & develop, and deliver part of the retainer agreement.


Who is Tailored Graphic Design for?

Graphic design is perfect for small businesses of all shapes and sizes. Even if you feel your needs or niches are obscure.

As a business manager or brand owner, you need media that makes an impression (and a sale), but what you may also need is some good old-fashioned customer service for yourself.

Small businesses have a lot going on; and when you’re at a committed stage of your business, doing DIY projects often lead to more headache than they’re worth. But you still need a good graphics and want to know that a professional is handling the print files. And for those types of businesses, bentcreative is a perfect fit.

  • eCommerce Brands
  • Brands in Retail looking to expand
  • and
  • Local service based businesses
    • Doctors Offices
    • Lawyers Offices
    • CPAs
    • Speech Pathologists
    • Dentistry Practices
    • Financial Advisors
    • Brokers
    • Most Professional Services
  • Local Non-Profits, Not-For-Profits, QCOs, QFCOs
  • Local Restaurants
  • Bloggers & Podcasters
  • Small Saas
  • Agencies & Marketers
  • Busy Founders


What happens when my business grows and I want more than two (2) projects concurrently?

We offer further development solutions.

We offer further development of anything that bentcreative produces, including your graphic design work. Typically, we can get a heck of a lot done on a two project basis. But we are all hands on deck if you are ready to take it up a notch.


What can I do to assist or speed up the process?

Have your graphic needs in mind, and examples of graphic work you like.

Having a list of things you need already and any relevant photography required to make the graphics work, will speed up the process significantly.


What other services feed into this one, or does this feed into?

  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development

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