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Bent Creative Retainer Service: Unlimited Website Design & Development


Tailored Everything Retainer

For tailored website design & development, graphic design, copywriting, and more. Get a full team output for significantly less cost than hiring a team internally.
Month-to-Month & Annual
Unlimited / Two (2) Concurrently
Starting at $3,499/mo
Hire a full creative team, development team, and content machine. Get great customer service (that you deserve) to support you.

Retainer Service Description | Tailored Everything (Website Design & Development, Copywriting, & Graphic Design)

This covers (almost*) everything we do. Need a logo? Check. Need a website? Check. Need gobs of blog content? Check. Any and every creative service that we offer is covered. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Sure, there’s a limit to what we can humanly accomplish in a work day, which is why we allow 3 projects at one time, but that’s it.

The Tailored Everything plan is designed for our ideal client: the ones that have a business machine delivering services or products, and have a need for a full creative & development team.

As a business manager or brand owner, you need a powerful team that elevates the possibilities of your business. We offer you exactly that: the whole of bentcreative at your back working to communicate your company’s products or services clearly and properly, so that you can sell, or connect, or do whatever else your business may need that supports you in your growth.

*Okay so what’s the almost from above? We will generate content and website platforms out the wazoo for you, including your ad content, but if you want us to run your digital advertising (Google Ads, Meta Ads, YouTube ads, etc.) that is an additional cost, as that requires a whole extra set of skills and tools, market knowledge, awareness of platform adherence, etc. That said, going with us for Tailored Everything plus Digital Advertising is a heck of deal compared to DIY and hiring in-house, or out-sourcing the two separately.


The Tailored Everything package includes the following:

  • Tailored Website Design & Development (yes, including eCommerce)
  • Anything that feeds a website: graphic design, copywriting, etc.
  • Tailored Copywriting: blogs, flyers, email content, etc.
  • Tailored Graphic Design: graphics for blogs, flyers, email content, packaging design, etc.


What is commonly performed in an Tailored Everything retainer?

Many things, but here are some highlights:
  • Just about everything eCommerce brands need
  • New Product Launch: This requires coordination on the website, email marketing, copywriting, packaging graphics, and advertisement media fronts
  • Heavy Duty Website Building: We’re talking graphics, blog content, and landing pages for news stories, affiliates marketers, and more
  • Agency New Client Onboarding: You can sell (digital marketing, websites, etc.) and you need a firm behind you to deliver the website, its UI design, graphics, and copywriting


What is NOT included in an Tailored Everything?

  • Custom Photography/Videography (though we can manage a photographer if you cover the photographer’s cost)
  • Digital Advertising


Why does it say “Base Price” on your pricing?

Businesses can grow and need more support.

It is quite realistic that your business will grow beyond that “base price” point. What we mean is that your websites can become beautiful, massively sprawling things that connect to, capture, and contain an incredible amount of data; and can become unruly beasts for a team to manage without the addition of more developers. Or your business is adding products left and right to muscle to the top of the competitive dogpile and you need packaging on the daily—we’ll add more people to the team to get you what you need.

We promise you this is a good problem to have. If your business gets to the size that we need to increase the retainer price, you will already be seeing handsome returns from the work we do which should allot for that increase in budget.

You will be made aware ahead of time if the price needs to be addressed.


Process | Tailored Everything

The initial setup:
Schedule meeting –> Identify needs –> Onboard with our systems –> Load up on the first projects –> Execute design & development –> Revise –> Launch

After the first project goes up:
Identify needs –> Execute design & development –> Deliver –> Repeat

First Interaction: You schedule a meeting (with Jonathan) where we will discuss your business, its needs, a timeline to achieve them, and the forecast beyond that.

Second, we set you up on one of our communications channels, such as Trello or Google Spaces, and run you through how we manage our projects and client interactions.

Third, we launch into the identify needs, design & develop, and deliver part of the retainer agreement.


Who is Tailored Everything for?

Serious clients with an understanding of their budget.

This is the real deal. We have experience taking clients from ground zero to millions in eCommerce revenue, and websites from being mostly dead to having thousands of organic visitors a month.

We are committing to you, if you commit to us. We have a minimum of two months on this contract. At the end of the first two months, we assess how this fit is working, and continue forward with a 30 day out clause for either side that wishes to cancel. For these businesses, bentcreative is a perfect fit.

  • eCommerce Brands
  • Brands in Retail looking to expand
  • Local service based businesses wishing to grow an online content machine
    • Doctors Offices
    • Lawyers Offices
    • CPAs
    • Speech Pathologists
    • Dentistry Practices
    • Financial Advisors
    • Brokers
    • Most Professional Services
  • Local Non-Profits, Not-For-Profits, QCOs, QFCOs
  • Local Restaurants
  • Bloggers & Podcasters
  • Small Saas
  • Agencies & Marketers
  • Busy Founders


For the website, what about hosting, maintenance, updates, and security?

All covered in the monthly price.

We wouldn’t consider ourselves a customer service first agency if we didn’t set you up for success. It’s important to note that you own all rights to your website and its content. You will have full access to the website and connected accounts, and should you like, we will give you a short video tutorial of how to operate your website. But that said, we will do everything the website needs for you.


Can I run ads to any website you build during the contract?


Every single website we develop is optimized for Google/Search Engine searches (aka SEO). We don’t stop there, though. Should you desire your website to be connected to ad services such as Google, Meta, and/or YouTube ads, we will bring that desire to life. In fact, that is our standard practice.

Is Digital Marketing Included?

No. But we offer it at at discounted rate when bundled with a retainer.

Digital Marketing requires a whole different set of knowledge than website design or development. It is complimentary, and tangential, yes, however it requires an extra set of hands to make work. It is a clear cut role with its own demanding work load, strategy, and requirements to keep up-to-date with industry standards and market trends.


What happens when my business grows and I want more than three (3) projects concurrently?

We offer further development solutions.

We offer further development of anything that bentcreative produces. Typically, we can get a heck of a lot done on a three project basis. But we are all hands on deck if you are ready to take it up a notch. ——————

Are there hidden costs in a website?

Not while on retainer.

This is a set and forget pricing structure.


What happens when the retainer is over?

You keep everything.

Everything we design and build for you is yours to own. We will deliver to you all of the creative files and resources used to create them, and hand you the “keys” to your website. At that time, you will assume all further ongoing costs for hosting, maintenance, and any further development of your items—or you can let them expire. It is all up to you.


What’s the fine print?

There is a contract.

Every business has a different set of needs, and for involvement as heavy as we offer with our Tailored Everything package, it is a good idea that both parties have a mutual understanding of how we will be operating together, and how to proceed when we no longer wish to do so. We typically operate on a 30-day-out clause for either party that wishes to terminate the contract. The rest of the details will be hammered out according to the needs of your business.

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