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Bent Creative Service: Packaging Design showcasing Dr. Ginger's White Charcoal Toothpaste Tablets


Packaging Design

You have 2 seconds to capture attention on a shelf. Packaging design makes the difference. We provide professional design and will talk to your suppliers to manage the die-line.
Starting at $1,999
Get great packaging that grabs your customers’ attention. Get great customer service (that you deserve) to support you.

Service Description | Packaging Design

Every Packaging Design package includes the same level of attention to detail and years of experience behind the designer creating it. The only difference is the complexity of the packaging that you need. You will receive the document in any or all of the common formats, along with the master art file for your own keeping.

As a product manager or brand owner you have the need to package that beautiful product of yours—and beyond that you want it to grab customers’ attention. We offer you exactly that: a package design that you or your company can proudly send off to a retail store, roadshow, or display on your eCommerce platform(s).

And of course, should you need printing connections, we proudly partner with some of the best printers in the industry and are happy to pass along their information.


Every Packaging Design level includes:

  • Contact with your supplier to manage die-line
  • Up to 2 revisions
  • Full color design
  • JPG, PDF, and AI versions of the artwork
  • Print-ready file
  • Full rights of ownership

**Please be aware that we do not offer photography services, but we do know a few great photographers should you need that service. See further below for Photography details.**

Basic Packaging Design

Flat packaging, blister packaging, or simple clamshell packaging

Intermediate Packaging Design

Small or medium sized packaging, retail boxes, etc.

Complex Packaging Design

“Unboxing” (external and internal packaging), inner and master carton design (for b2b and/or b2c), retail boxes, etc.


Process | Packaging Design

Schedule meeting –> identify needs –> find and review samples –> create timeline –> execute design –> revise –> deliver

First, you schedule a meeting with Jonathan (this one we can’t hash out via email—we need to meet) where we will discuss your packaging design needs, your brand ‘vibe’ or mission, and a timeline for the project. Often times, we will scour several resources to find existing concepts to share with you in order to find a flavor you like.

Second, we follow along the timeline, typically delivering the first concept(s) within a week.

Third, we advance through the revision(s) and arrive to a great conclusion: your new package.


What happens if I want more revisions, or I don’t like the initial concepts?

We may need to adjust project scope. This is very rare.

We strive to get it right the first time. The initial meeting (described in the process above) is crucial for understanding the needs of your business. We have yet to find a client that hasn’t appreciated our time and attention to their needs, and we’ve found great successes in our process: Schedule meeting –> identify needs –> find and review samples –> create timeline –> execute design –> revise –> deliver.

Should you need more than the allotted revisions, we will need to adjust the scope of the project and potentially increase the cost as per our hourly agreed rate. This rarely, if ever, happens.


Do you handle sourcing?

Yes, for an additional cost. Please consider your timeline.

This is a great question, and often overlooked (somewhat surprisingly). Your designer/developer of your packaging design doesn’t typically have a massive warehouse in the backyard where packaging production happens, nor are they prone to cut out thousands of boxes by hand.

Which means you need to identify where you are going to have the packaging produced. Mass production of packaging is quite often performed overseas due to the lower cost provided there, but can also be achieved stateside in the USA.

We have several packaging production partners and are familiar with the process of sourcing another, but these things take time to set up. If you are sourcing overseas, be prepared for the average 30-40 day lead time to even see the first sample. These timeframes can sometimes break a company or product, and for that reason we tend to shy away from engaging in this process for our clients.

That said, should you request our expertise, and the budget and timeline align, we are happy to source packaging solutions for you.


Who provides photography?

You do. (But we can help if needed.)

Photography is often crucial for your packaging design, considering most people will read about 15-20% of the actual copywriting on the box (unless they are already interested, of course) yet will glance at your pretty pictures; which is why capturing attention with images is so effective for marketing. That said, we do not offer photography. We do know a few photographers and photography services that we can assist in setting you up with, or we can discuss putting bentcreative in charge of collaborating with a photographer.


What can I do to assist or speed up the process?

Provide manufacturer dieline. Have your UPC or GTIN. Know your requirements (need French-Canadian?). Know where this package will be displayed. Come prepared with existing examples you would like to emulate.

Great question! The longest process involved in designing of a package is typically nailing down the dieline specifics and then nailing the requirements of the content itself. We can do both, but providing the former allows us to quickly get to the latter.

Doing some basic hunting and gathering of other packaging designs that already exist (that you like), having a dieline ready if possible, having your UPC or GTIN registered and created, knowing what markets you’re going to sell to, knowing where stores will place your product, and then bringing these things to share in our meeting, will greatly expedite the process.


What other services feed into this one?

Your packaging design displays your product(s), and also represents your brand. Here are some services that go hand-in-hand with your packaging design:

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Sell Sheets
  • Pitch Decks
  • Website Design & Development
  • And more


Who keeps the master file?

We will deliver a copy of the master file to you, should you request it, and we will keep a copy ourselves. In the event you wish us to destroy our copy of your file, we will do so. We only hang on to the master file for reference with future clients, to rework it for you in the future, or in the event you lose your copy so that we may restore it for you (free of charge, of course).

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