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Bent Creative Service: Pitch Deck Design showcasing a presentation prepared for a motocross team


Pitch Deck Design

Display your pitch to your buyer or sponsor in a beautiful, winning way. Included in our price is design and consulting on strategy for the content.
Get a beautiful presentation for your big meeting. Get great customer service (that you deserve) to support you.

Service Description | Pitch Deck Design

Every Pitch Deck Design package includes the same level of attention to detail and years of experience behind the designer creating it. The only difference is the length of the presentation that you need. You will receive the document in any or all of the common formats, along with the master file for your own keeping.

As a business manager or brand owner you may need a powerful tool that communicates your product or service effortlessly, and changes the course of the sales meeting in your favor. We offer you exactly that: a Pitch Deck Design that communicates your company’s product or service clearly and properly, so that you can sell, or connect, or whatever else your business may need that supports you in your growth.

And of course, should you want to print this document, we offer printing or have connections to the right printing service for you.


Every Pitch Deck Design Level Includes:

  • 1 revision round
  • Full color design
  • Google Slides, Apple Keynote, and/or Microsoft Powerpoint versions of the artwork
  • A PDF version at your request


Process | Pitch Deck Design

Schedule meeting –> Identify needs –> Find and review examples –> Create timeline –> Execute design –> Revise –> Deliver

First, we schedule a meeting (with Jonathan) where we will discuss your business, its needs, and a timeline to achieve them.

Second, we follow along the timeline, typically delivering the first page or couple of pages (which designates look, feel, and more) within a week so that we can agree upon the look and feel. From there we knock out the remainder of the document, scheduling meetings or delivering progress updates as needed.

Third, we deliver your document and watch your successes grow!


Who is Pitch Deck Design for?

Sales teams. Firms with monthly reports.

Let’s say you have a large meeting coming up that might make or break your sales projection for the year—don’t slap together a powerpoint the night before. ‘WOW’ your buyers with great design and communication.

Perhaps you run a digital marketing firm and produce monthly sales reports to your clients—don’t let this opportunity to impress them go to waste.

Or perhaps you run a successful Amazon reseller account and want to show how your advertising efforts are paying off for the brand you represent—give them the good news in a beautiful fashion.


What about after the Pitch Deck Design is completed? What if I need to update it?

We deliver the master file upon completion. You will be able to do this yourself.


What happens if I need further development and I don’t want to copy and paste new slides myself?

We will schedule another project at an hourly rate.

We offer further development of anything that bentcreative produces, including your Pitch Deck Design. Typically, if your business is gearing up to offer a new service or product (or has changes to those things), and need updates to the Pitch Deck to reflect this, we typically approach by blocking out a chunk of time dedicated to building your needs—and this is handled via a similar process as the initial Pitch Deck Design meeting itself: we meet, discuss your needs, and decide the path forward from there.


What can I do to assist or speed up the process?

Have your creative assets in hand, examples of documents you like, and an understanding of your business needs.

Fantastic question! You’re a winner for asking this one! By far, the longest process involved in development of Pitch Deck Design is the handling of creative assets. This means your logo, photography, and colors, etc. We require your assets in our hands before we begin development—so if you can have those items generated you will save everyone time and effort. Of course, should you not have those items already, we are happy to create them for you via our other services.


What other services feed into this one?

Your Pitch Deck is an extension of your brand and your business. Virtually everything we do feeds into it or compliments it.

  • Logo Design & Graphic Design
  • Photography Management (we outsource photography, but are happy to manage this process)
  • Brand Design
  • Content Writing
  • Website Design & Development
  • And more


What are pitfalls to avoid in Pitch Deck Design?

Too many words. Not listening to your designer (us).

You are not going for SEO score (unlike us on this page). Stuffing a million words into your document is a surefire way to bore your client to near-death. A picture is worth 1,000 words and we’d say this goes doubly for presentations. If you read directly off the page you are setting yourself up for failure. Humans can read faster than you can rattle off the information, and they’ll have completed it lightyears before you finish reading it, and they’ll spend that extra time zoning-out thinking about literally anything else they’d rather be doing right now.

The other pitfall is not listening to your designer. We know what sells, we know what doesn’t. Only the finance guy or gal cares about facts and figures, just about everyone else wants to be sold on the end result of your efforts—humans LOVE to visualize or manifest a new reality, especially if this reality is one where they are rich or the hero or whatever. Facts and figures don’t communicate that for most people. Visual images, end results, trajectories and selling the “you’ll be happy when we arrive here” is what people care to hear. Let your designer (us) solve that.

We focus on the pitch deck. You focus on the speech and what shoes you’re going to wear to the dinner party after you win the sale (see what we did there? We sold you on the end result—it works).

Are there hidden costs in a Pitch Deck Design?


While we try to be very up front about our pricing, there may be unforeseen hiccups that expand the scope of a project and require more time for a Pitch Deck Design—however we would say this is a very rare occurrence.

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