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Tailored Copywriting Retainer

[Insert Text Here] month, after month, after month. The best way to publish content for blogs, socials, & more.
Month-to-Month & Annual
Unlimited / One (1) Concurrently
Starting at $2,499/mo
Get the power of a well-oiled content production machine. Get great customer service (that you deserve) to support you.

Retainer Service Description | Tailored Copywriting

Get high-quality, truly tailored copywriting to skyrocket your organic website traffic, boost your sales pitches, or have your products lifted above the noise of the crowd.

Going with the Tailored Copywriting plan is like adding high octane fuel to your business engine. In a day and age where content reigns and attention is the new currency, staying in front of people with fresh, fantastic content is how to grow your business from where it’s at, to where you want it to be.

As a business manager or brand owner, you need a powerful plan that elevates the possibilities of your business, and you need a team behind it. We offer you exactly that: an all-in-one copywriting service that communicates your company’s blog, products, or services clearly and properly, so that you can sell, or connect, or do whatever else your business may need that supports you in your growth.

And of course, should you want to make a bigger splash, we offer tailored website design & development, tailored graphics, and more.


The Tailored Copywriting plan includes the following:

  • Blog Writing
  • Content Copywriting (websites, landing pages, etc.)
  • Product Descriptions
  • Social Media Post Copywriting
  • Sales Pitch Copywriting
  • Slogan & Taglines
  • Brochure & Flyer Copywriting
  • A dedicated copywriter for consistency
  • 24-48hr turnaround on several types of projects


What is NOT included in an Tailored Copywriting retainer?

  • Tailored Graphic Design (this is an entire extra service we offer)
  • Tailored Website Development (this is an entire extra service we offer)
    • Please note: Website Development & Website Copywriting are closely interlinked, but are different services. We are happy to perform blog writing (both writing the content and delivering it onto your website platform) as a part of the Tailored Copywriting service, but changing post templates, or adding unique graphics requires another set of skills entirely, which is why we separate out those services. You could, of course, get both Tailored Copywriting, Tailored Graphic Design, and Tailored Website Development under our Tailored Everything package.


What are some common ways other businesses use your Tailored Copywriting retainer?

  • Website development agencies use us for developing great blog content to resell
  • Digital marketing agencies use us ad language
  • eCommerce brands use us for email content development
  • Non-Profits use us for email/newsletter graphics, infographics, poster ads, billboard ads, and more


Why does it say “Base Price” on your pricing?

Businesses can grow and need more support.

Referencing the above options that are possible, it is quite realistic that your business needs can grow beyond that “base price” point. What we mean is that if we need to add additional copywriters to increase your project load from 2 concurrent projects to a higher amount, we will need to price accordingly.

We promise you this is a good problem to have. If your business gets to the size that we need to increase the retainer price, you will already be seeing handsome returns from the work we do which should allot for that increase in budget.

You will be made aware ahead of time if the price needs to be addressed.


Process | Tailored Copywriting

The initial setup:
Schedule meeting –> Identify needs –> Find sample voice –> Execute content development –> Revise –> Deliver

First Interaction: You schedule a meeting (with Jonathan) where we will discuss your business, its needs, a timeline to achieve them, and the forecast beyond that.

Second, we follow along the timeline, typically delivering the first project within a few days.

Third, we launch into the loop into the load up on content need, develop, and deliver part of the retainer agreement.


Who is Tailored Copywriting for?

Tailored Copywriting is for those that need constant content.

This service is not for the occasional email blast or a twice a month blogger. This content machine is designed for those that can task us like they’d task a full time employee. In fact, the aim of this retainer is to match with companies that are ready to (or are considering to) hire a full time copywriter, but don’t want the overhead, training costs, etc.

Small businesses have a lot going on; and when you’re at a committed stage of your business, doing DIY projects or vetting new-hires often leads to more cost or headache than they’re worth. But you still need a good copywriter and want to know that a professional is crafting your brand voice. And for those types of businesses, bentcreative is a perfect fit.


What happens when my business grows and I want more than two (2) projects concurrently?

We offer further development solutions.

We are all hands on deck if you are ready to take it up a notch to loading more content at once.


What can I do to assist or speed up the process?

Have your copywriting voice in mind, and a knowledge of your target market.

Do you need a calm voice of expertise and guidance (great for medical practices); or perhaps your brand appeals to the Millennials and beyond and a brazen call it like I see it voice will win their hearts and wallets? Knowing your target market will help.


What other services feed into this one, or does this feed into?

  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development

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