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Website Design & Development

Services, Non-Profits,
& Restaurants

Boost your visibility,
and your earnings.

You want stability in your business and to grow in your community; that’s why you do what you do. Let’s get you up and running.
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Digital Marketers
& Agencies

Get to scale, faster
(and in great style).

You’re a sales person, and you’re good at it too. What you need now is a creative & technical partner. Let’s scale your business.
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eCommerce Brands

Build your brand up,
and up, and up.

Your brand is looking for its first dollar, or its next million. You’ve done excellent getting this far, but you’re ready for more.
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Words From Our Clients

Ginger Price, DDS owner of Dr. Ginger's Oral Care Products
Ginger Price, DDS
Owner, Operator | Dr. Ginger’s Healthcare Products

My company has been extremely satisfied with Jon Bennett’s services over the past 5 years. Not only is he very creative when it comes to logo design, packaging design as well as web development, but in addition his communication and follow through are superb. He will persist on a particular design/packaging solution until it’s perfect. In addition, he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of ecommerce. You can’t go wrong with Bent Creative!

Julianne Culey as Arizona State University's Reynolds Center for Business Journalism
Julianne Culey
Assistant Director | The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism at ASU

I initially hired Jon and Bent Creative to help me completely overhaul a broken and outdated website, which was a huge task that he handled effortlessly. After the initial launch of the new site, I have continued to work with them monthly to help manage the site while also continuously adding new features and functionality to the front and back end of the website. What I enjoy most about working with Jon is that he does more than simply bring my ideas and vision to life, he is able to elevate that vision to heights I couldn’t have imagined on my own. Bent Creative is truly the meeting I look forward to the most on my calendar and I could not think of a better website developer to work with than Jon.

Josh J. Smith, PsyD, NCSP

Practice Manager | AZ Speech & Pychological Institute

After working with Jon Bennett owner and creator at on multiple projects building my websites, I highly recommend his services. He possesses the innate ability to listen and incorporate my vision as an owner to grow and advertise my businesses. He is punctual and professional in his delivery to get my troubleshooting issues done and answer all my concerns related to my websites. Jon’s creation of my professional websites allows me to reach more families and provide exceptional services.

Alanna Pugh, Owner of The Dyslexic Group
Alanna T. Pugh, MS
Owner, Operator | The Dyslexic Group

Jon has been critical to the success of The Dyslexic Group. As new small business owners just starting out, he helped us with our initial website which was important as we did not really know where to begin. Jon guided us through the process with patience and understanding answering all of our questions so that we could get the best result. He helped us get a web design that truly suited our needs. Following that initial design, Jon has continued to support us by providing key changes and aspects to help us grow our business, including marketing and web design. He is an integral part of our business and we couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Jared Van Moorlehem CFP, AIF
Jared Van Moorlehem CFP, AIF
President | Plan Sponsor Solutions

I am thrilled with the outstanding work that Bent Creative delivered. The attention to detail for my logo, and the collaborative process on the website exceeded my expectations—turning my vision into a reality. I am genuinely grateful for the talent and dedication demonstrated by Jonathan.


In-House Feel, Outsource Appeal
Monthly Retainer Services


Website Development

Month in, month out
growing your site.


Launch new landing pages, manage your eCommerce inventory, run flash sales— all with no interruption.


Graphic Design

Endless graphics
every month.


You’re a sales person, and you’re good at it too. What you need now is a creative and technical partnership. Let’s get to scaling your business.


[Insert text here]
all month long.


Your brand is looking for its first dollar, or its next million. You’ve done excellent getting this far, but you’re ready for more.

Google, Meta, YouTube, & More
Digital Marketing

Local Services,
Non-Profits, & Restaurants

Get found quick.
Get found often.

Local SEO goes a long way, but so does investing in being the #1 result on Google (Ads)—an investment that usually sees handsome returns.


White label solutions
that feel in-house.

For the agencies that can sell, sell, sell, but need a team to execute. You handle the clients, we’ll handle the ads and reports (& make it look in-house).

eCommerce Brands

Skyrocket sales
and brand awareness.

You have a great product and you know it. The problem is, nobody else does. Good thing we know the strategies & tools to change that.


Is your business model not listed above, but you think we might fit? Let’s chat.

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Let’s Talk Retainers For Website Development

Get monthly ongoing WordPress website design & development, SEO, landing pages, funnels, eCommerce management, & more.

This option is great for: Agencies & eCommerce Brands.

Agencies: Outsource your development workload. Queue up website after website behind the scenes while you focus on delivering great sales and customer service.

eCommerce Brands: Consider us your part-time CTO. Get 1:1 dialogue on what to build next, and how—and then see it completed (often times within a week). It’s like having an in-house team for a fraction of the cost.

Get found on Google, sell your products and/or services with ease, design and develop new landing pages for your upcoming ads, etc., and keep it running 99.9% of the time—all with one provider.

With our Website Design & Development, SEO, Copywriting, and Hosting & Maintenance services, we offer everything from inception to launch, and beyond. Get a website (and partner) that will keep you growing.

Unlimited Web Dev - Dr. Ginger's
Unlimited Graphic Design - Dr. Ginger's
Let’s Talk Retainers For Graphic Design
The right graphic design for packaging, presentations, and print work; or for that consistent branded feel.

We’re all designers until we have a deadline, have a competitor with flashier packaging, or have an idea in our head that doesn’t match the reality. Graphic design is another “DIY” headache business owners should outsource.

In the business world, making a first impression can be the difference between having a business tomorrow and not; which is why it is critically important to get your graphics and branding done right. It’s an art—and also a science.

It is a detailed, repeatable process following frameworks, and requires tools that take years to master; and once an artstyle is set for a brand, it becomes recognizable as the very fabric of the brand and therefore consistency is incredibly important.

Which is why bentcreative offers so many options for graphic design—from one-off items to continuous work—because good graphic design is inseparable from good business.

Let’s Talk Retainers For Copywriting

Content is king, but not just photo & video. Even the best ad graphics & product photos still need good copywriting to succeed.

Good design grabs attention, while good development offers functionality—but good copywriting is the linchpin to selling your product or service.

Good copywriting is not only using passive language to gently persuade, nor is it just using saucy adjectives to stir up feelings; good copywriting is also about repetition, strategically crafting a repeatable voice, and planting SEO keywords that will get you found on search engines. Good copywriting is about answering all the questions your customers may have before they navigate away from your ad or website. Good copywriting doesn’t get lost along the way or let the user forget the point.

This is why bentcreative offers copywriting as a service. It is inseparable to a good website, good ad, or good product listing. It goes hand in hand with all of the other services we do, and we wouldn’t consider ourselves an all-in-one service if we didn’t strategize, write, and repeat.

Unlimited Copywriting - Dr. Ginger's
Let’s Talk One-Offs
For certain projects, less is more.
Check out our one-off services:
Local Service-Based Websites

From the inception of your online business strategy, to the deployment of your new online business home; experience this end-to-end website service. Get up and running in as little as a few days.

eCommerce Websites
Get a beautiful and functional website for your customers. Get great customer service (that you deserve) to support you.
Brand Identity Design
You breathe life into your brand as the creator that you are. We take it and make it look great. Get a logo, colors, and a full brand design document detailing the use of your brand materials.

Of course, you can also visit All Services to see more.