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You have a beautiful website, let's share it with the world.

Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram (Meta), YouTube, and more.

Notice a trend?

Digital Marketing with Bent Creative

Using a blend of keyword research, market research, user case studies, ad content testing, and more, we were able to 5x the traffic, clicks, and sales for

And we’re still going.

The cost of our services and ad spend is now eclipsed by the revenue our client is generating from her eCommerce store. 

That’s our goal — to have our work pay for itself, while you keep the extra income. 

Why isn’t there more information on this page? 

Digital marketing is a service we gladly offer—to clients that have used us to build their website(s). Why? Because implementing proper ad strategies, software connections, and quality content requires us to know the website works, front and back. 

If you have a bentcreative-made website, this will already have been a conversation and you will know the details. 


What is the price? 

There is no easy answer.

Our fee varies based on the amount of work needed to run the ads—sometimes that includes creating the imagery and ad copywriting, sometimes it’s simply plugging the website into an ad service. The range of work varies widely and is best solved via a conversation.

Example I: Some clients use us for monthly graphic design and content copywriting; putting that work (that has already been paid for in a retainer plan) into action is very easy and cost effective.

Example II: Some clients use us to build a website and nothing more. Months later they want to advertise to the site. This requires quite a bit of content generation and strategy, which requires a larger budget. 


What are the terms?

A minimum of 2 months are required to see changes in traffic. It takes upwards of 1 month for ad platform algorithms to learn about your company and target market, and another to scrape all that golden data we worked hard to gather. From that point, it is easy to make a decision to continue or to part ways.