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My Checkable Medical Mobile Website

A mobile-only website intended to be used in medical device testing.
Checkable Medical
3 Weeks
Checkable Medical needed an app, but didn’t have app development funds. So we devised a great solution. A website “app” that looks and functions like an app would.

Project Recap | Checkable Medical’s Testing Website

Checkable Medical came to us with a unique problem to solve. They needed an app, but for the low amount of traffic this testing stage was going to see, app development prices didn’t make sense. So we crafted a website that looks and feels like a swipeable, touchable app.

This website contains tons of custom CSS that makes the pages operate solely on touch-based devices, and have the same look, feel, swipe velocity, etc. of an app. This was a very tricky build, and we managed to deliver exactly what the client had envisioned, at a fraction of the cost they had been quoted elsewhere.


Works Completed:

  • Slider Style Pages
  • Design Wireframing
  • Mobile Only Design & Development

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